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Talbert 25 September 2009 Text Critique: An Education Debate for the Books It seems that these days’ people are pinching pennies more than ever to be able to save a little bit of money in this economy. This is especially true when the thought of families sending their kids to college comes up. Parents are working extra hard to be able to have enough money to send their children to school. For some parents the thought of getting a well rounded education, going away and finding who they really are, and finding what they love to do in life is worth all of the money in the world (de Vise, 2). Overall though, in this economic crisis, most people cannot afford to send their kids to pricey liberal arts schools. This has lead to a cut back on the amount of college admission applications schools have been receiving. Parents do not think that the expensive tuition is worth the outcome. The liberal arts schools seem to not really be that affected by the economic downfall. Freshman enlisting has dropped drastically and some schools are even having trouble filling their freshman classes up to capacity (de Vise, 1). That does not stop them though. They continued with classes and even became less picky at the selection process for admission. The schools who have become more lenient did report though that the academic caliber of their students has paid a price (de Vise, 2). On the other hand private universities and colleges have been taking a different route. 1
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TA1 - 1 EDL 204 Talbert 25 September 2009 Text Critique: An...

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