WebQuest - Lesson : Making Sense of Numbers Introduction :...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson : Making Sense of Numbers Introduction : In this activity you all are detectives working for the police force. They have a very tricky mystery to solve this week and the police chief has asked for help from each and every one of you! We will be making more sense of numbers and learning different approaches to which you can add those numbers. This will help the police solve the mystery of addition fast thanks to you! Task : All 10 of our missions will take a few days to complete. You will work in pairs to help work through some difficult tasks. After you think you have figured out each mission talk to the police chief before you move onto the next mission. After we finish mission #10 we will work as a class and discuss what you think you have discovered. Then we will go over each mission as a police crew and talk about what we have found and how this information could be helpful to us. Hopefully we solve this mystery quickly. Let’s get started! Process : Mission #1 : First before we can really understand numbers, especially large numbers, we have to understand what place values are. This is so we can say the names of numbers correctly and will be able to communicate with the police force in a universal way. Go to this website and go through the place value tutorial. Make sure you take note of important information that may be useful to you in the future. To click on the link press the control button and with your mouse click on it with the pointer. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/placevalue/value.htm Remember!!!!! If you ever need to go back to a website, you can at anytime you need to. Once you finish the tutorial check in with the police chief to make sure you can continue on. 1 Mission #2 : Now that we know some place values we are going to work further with that. Check out this cool website to play a game and learn more about place values. First choose which level you think fits your understanding of place values. Then answer the ten questions. Again, make sure you press control before clicking on the link. http://www.funbrain.com/tens/index.html After you finish write down your score and show it to the police chief. Mission #3 : Now we are going to work on knowing which numbers are odds and which numbers are even. Go to this website and start with ‘Mouse on the move’. The last task you have to do for this website is ‘Flower for Marti’, so make sure you stop after that one. http://www.mathsyear2000.org/magnet/minus/index.html Did you learn anything new about any numbers? Write it down if you did. Mission #4 : We now know the difference between even and odd numbers. We are going to further this understanding by reading a little more and playing a timed game to go along with it. Read the information on this website, scroll down then see how many right even or odd numbers you can get in one minute. Ready go!...
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WebQuest - Lesson : Making Sense of Numbers Introduction :...

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