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Grouping and Regrouping Sets – Pre-Kindergarten 1 Ohio Standards Connection Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard Benchmark G Model, represent and explain addition as combining sets and counting on. Indicator 7 Group and regroup a given set in the context of daily activities and play (e.g., 5 blocks can be 2 blue and 3 green or 1 blue and 4 green). Mathematical Processes Benchmark A Use a variety of strategies to understand problem situations; e.g., discussing with peers, stating problems in own words, modeling problems with diagrams or physical materials, identifying a pattern. Lesson Summary : In this lesson, children count sets of objects, then create new sets by regrouping the objects differently. Children discover that this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For example, 7 cubes can be represented by 5 red cubes and 2 yellow cubes, or 4 blue cubes and 3 green cubes. The element of discovery at this age is very powerful. Estimated Duration : Several five-minute class sessions and center activities Commentary: Children need a multitude of experiences in order to make meaningful mathematical connections. By combining sets, children begin to develop an understanding of the operations on numbers, specifically that of addition and subtract through the modeling of situations. As children recognize the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction, they develop flexibility in computation. The relationship of part-part-whole is used when joining and partitioning numbers. Representation and communication of the relationship is an essential foundation which children need to develop. Pre-Assessment : Assess the students’ ability to count a set of objects or make a set of objects for a given number. Work with a small group at a center, have the children count out sets of blocks and make sets of blocks to represent a given number. 1. Show me three red blocks 2. Count the blue blocks I placed in front of you. 3. How many yellow blocks do you have? Scoring Guidelines : Record the results of this assessment on Attachment A, Pre- assessment and Post-assessment Checklist . Use “+” to indicate that the child performed the activity satisfactorily. Use “-” to indicate that the child is unable to perform the activity satisfactorily. Brief anecdotal records are also helpful.
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Grouping and Regrouping Sets – Pre-Kindergarten Post-Assessment
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Lesson Plans - Grouping and Regrouping Sets...

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