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Quotes for Final

Quotes for Final - were treated as unequal “partners”...

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Quote #1 : “He saw clearly that because he was a Jew, part of a minority community, he was free of many of the majority population’s unchallenged assumptions…” (Emancipation, Page 297). Quote #2 : “I am a Berliner, or was a Berliner.” (Peter Gay) Quote #3 : “Step by step, they rolled back the legal framework of Emancipation and imposed old rules on the community.” (Emancipation, Page 362). Quote #4 : “So much depends on historians becoming interested in something…” (Peter Gay) Quote #5 : “In the seventeenth century, the position of German Jews was simple. They
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Unformatted text preview: were treated as unequal “partners” in a transaction in which a ruler provided them with a place to live and work, and the Jews in return paid protection money— Schutzgeld – for the privilege of existence.” (Ruth Gay, Page 90). Quote #6 : “‘Everything the Jews were blamed for is caused by the political conditions under which they now live.’ No doubt ‘we ourselves are guilty of the crimes we accuse them of.’” (Ruth Gay quoting Wilhelm Dohm, Page 102). Quote #7 : “May his bones lie rotting in Russian soil.” (Peter Gay, Page 62)....
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