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Quotes for Midterm - Germanic Latin and Hebrew elements it...

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Quotes for Essays QUESTION #1: Quote #1 : “The overriding objective of the seminar will be to come to a more complete understanding of the nature, history, and evolution of some of many noteworthy Jewish aspects of German culture.” (Syllabus Introduction) Quote #2: “In an old German-Jewish tradition, this is a memorial book, but it has not been content with reciting names of the dead. Rather, it wants to remember those who lived, the world they made, the lives they led, and the vitality they brought to German civilization.” (Gay, xiii) Quote #3: “For it is precisely in the fertile, contested, and open space of the hyphen linking “German” and “Jew” that I believe new readings and newly generative work in our field can take place.” (Morris, 5) QUESTION #2: Quote #4: “Yiddish emerged as a language on the Rhine around the ninth century composed of
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Unformatted text preview: Germanic, Latin, and Hebrew elements; it soon became the private language of the Jews.” (Gay, 14) Quote #5: “How well a boy was taught depended, then as now, on his instructor.” (Gay, 37) Quote #6: “Although the home lies at the heart of both these prayers, the emphasis for girls was on domestic duties rather than education.” (Gay, 72) Question #3: Quote #7: “A Romanian engineer had his hands put in the fire, ‘to make him admit he’s a Jew’.” (Kraus, 259) Quote #8: “Developments after Hitler’s appointment as chancellor followed so rapidly upon one another that within a few months the Nazis had managed to set aside the entire Weimar Constitution- the Basic Rights of the Citizen, as it was called- and launch the process that would lead to total dictatorship.” (Gay, 254)...
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Quotes for Midterm - Germanic Latin and Hebrew elements it...

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