Speech #1 - (ironically E 1900 came up with the famous...

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27 October 2009 GER 252 Dr. Jeep Sigmund Freud I. Introduction/Beginning of childhood A. Was born on May 6, 1856 in Austrian Empire (now Czech Republic) 1. Father, Jakob was a Jewish wool merchant 2. Mother, Amalie 3. Had 2 much older brothers, Emmanuel and Phillipp B. A few years after being born, his family moved to Vienna. 1. He went into medicine at the University of Vienna 2. Was not very interested in it, but had no choice 3. Got a degree with a specialty in neurology and private practice II. Young Adult Life A. 1886 opened a private practice specializing in nervous/brain disorders B. Also, in 1886 Freud married his long time companion, Martha Berrays C. Martha and Sigmund had 6 children together, Mathilde, Jean-Martin, Olivier, Ernst, Sophie, and last was Anna D. Was always raised Jewish, but considered himself an Atheist
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Unformatted text preview: (ironically) E. 1900 came up with the famous Oedipus Complex 1. The desire to get rid the parent of the same sex, and possess the parent of the opposite sex. III. Awards/Publications A. Oedipus Complex in 1900s B. 1930 won the Goethe Prize 1. A very high, prestigious, German literature award C. Published The Interpretation of Dreams III. End of Life A. Diagnosed with mouth/jaw cancer 1. Had over 30 surgeries in the next 16 years to treat4 2. Was due to repetitive cigar and cocaine usage B. 1933 Hitler began to take over Germany as chancellor C. Freud moved his family out to London, England for safety b/c of Jewish background D. Many of Freud’s books were burned by the Nazis E. September 30, 1939 at age 83, Sigmund Freud lost his battle to cancer...
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Speech #1 - (ironically E 1900 came up with the famous...

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