Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - 1 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Many of...

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Many of us have grown up in homes that were comfortable, with plenty of space for everyone, enough food on the table to fill everyone and still have leftovers. It was not required for us to have a job, but some did just to have extra spending money. We got warm showers everyday and sanitation plays a huge role in our day to day lives. Now, imagine living in the complete opposite conditions cramped with 400,000 other people into a space of only about 760 livable acres (Photos). Everyday, more people are brought in to live in this space as the average of 6,000 people a month die (Warsaw). The living conditions are so harsh, you may almost be the lucky one if you are laying in the streets waiting for the funeral carts to come pick your body up. The overcrowding of the ghettos was almost unbearable. There was not enough food and water for everyone to live off of. If you were lucky, you got to take in about 200 calories per day (Warsaw). This is hardly enough to live off when you think about a recommended diet of about 2,000 calories a day. People began starving to death in the streets which created unsanitary conditions for the rest of the population to live in. A typhoid epidemic broke out due to poor sanitation which in return, was the cause of many more deaths (Warsaw). The more death there was, the more dead bodies there were lying in the streets waiting to be picked up. This just caused an endless cycle of unsanitary living spaces, sicknesses, and death. The food scarcity was so intense that families would send their children out of the ghetto to try and steal or beg for food outside of the walls (Photos). There was a threat that if anyone was caught trying to scale the walls of the ghetto they would be put to 1
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death (Photos). This did not matter to the people who were trying to live on the inside. Locked in a tiny area by a wall with barbed wire, they would do anything possible to get by. Families would strip the bodies of dead relatives or friends in order to sell their clothes (Warsaw). The residence inside the ghetto started illegal underground black
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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - 1 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Many of...

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