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red quare lesson plan - -crayons or colored pencils...

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Art Lesson Plan Source: Josef Albers (German, 1888-1976), WLS: XV , 1966; color lithograph; bequest of John Schaal. 2002.2 Grade: Second Grade Objective: Teach students the color wheel and the primary and secondary colors. Teach them to use the same color to shade from dark to light. Also learn about geometric shapes. Standards: II. Knowledge of Students as Learners: Accomplished art teachers demonstrate an understanding of the development of students in relationship to their art learning. IV. Content of Art: Accomplished art teachers demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the essential knowledge, concepts, skills, and processes that compose the content of art. Materials: -color wheel -white canvas paper
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Unformatted text preview: -crayons or colored pencils Procedure: 1. Show the students Josef Albers artwork. 2. Teach the students about the color wheel and how to shade. 3. Have students chose a color from the color wheel and a shape. 4. Explain the use of shading from dark to light with the same color. 5. Pass out the white canvas paper to each student. 6. Have students draw their picked geometric shape, either side by side, up and down, or inside each other. 7. Then have them shade the shapes either dark to light or light to dark. 8. On the back of the canvas write what shape and what color, and if it is primary or secondary. Extension: In the classroom they could use water colors, oil pastels, or chalk instead of crayons or colored pencils....
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red quare lesson plan - -crayons or colored pencils...

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