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Chapter 5: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities In the early 20 th century children and adults who had intellectual or developmental disabilities were sent to care centers or institutions where they were poorly treated and sometimes abused. Christmas in Purgatory was released in 1974 and it highlighted the graphic inhumane treatment of these people during this time. It was around this time period when the way people thought about and treated these individuals started to change for the better. A developmental disability is a chronic and significant impairment such as cerebral palsy or autism that can result in an intellectual disability. An intellectual
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Unformatted text preview: disability is a significant sub average of general intellectual functioning. Generally boys have a higher amount of these disabilities than girls do. Extra chromosomes cause Down syndrome and one out of 733 children are born with this syndrome. Fragile X syndrome affects about one in every 2,300 children. It is caused by a mutation in the x-chromosomes. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a mutation in the fifteenth chromosome and affects one in 15,000 children. Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused by women drinking during pregnancy and affects two out of every one thousand children. All of these are examples of either intellectual or developmental disabilities....
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