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Chapter 6 EDP - accidents Heredity is determined that is...

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Chapter 6: Learning Disabilities Professionals have a hard time identifying a universal definition of learning disabilities because of the range of differences from child to child. They have come to the agreement that the child possesses three main qualities. The first of these include a heterogeneous group of disorders such as dyslexia, reading problems, dyscalculia, math difficulties, dysgraphia, which is written language issues, or social, motor, and/or memory problems. The second is that learning disabilities are neurologically based. It is due to a dysfunction of the brain and not outside factors. Last is the unexpected underachievement. There are many different causes of learning disabilities. These consist of brain injuries, heredity, and chemical imbalances. Brain injuries can be caused by smoking or drinking prenatally, deprivation of oxygen during birth, a high fever, illness, and/or
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Unformatted text preview: accidents. Heredity is determined that is one or both parents have a learning disability, the child then has a 30-50% chance of also having a learning disability of some kind. Biochemical factors can be caused by other factors such as attention disorders (ADHD). Cognitive characteristics of a child with a learning disability include a weakness in one or more areas in attention, perception, memory, and/or information processing. Academic characteristics are if the child struggles in reading, oral language, written language, and/or mathematics. Social and emotional characteristics include both social perception and competence and motivation. Children with learning disorders tend to have lower self esteem as well as being less accepted by their peers and unmotivated to learn. Behavioral characteristics or behavioral disorders often accompany learning disabilities also....
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