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Movie Review Guidelines There are many movies/films/videos that relate to education, teaching, exceptionalities etc. the list that you are provided is not exhaustive. There are many that will relate to educational psychology, learning theory, human development and teaching. Respond to the following for each movie that you watch. 1. Watch two movies. - Forest Gump - Rain Man 2. Briefly summarize each movie. Forest Gump- This movie starts out showing a young boy who struggles growing up because of a lower IQ and having braces on his legs. People are always putting him down and basically telling him he will never amount to anything. When he gets older, Forrest decides to enlist in the army to fight in Vietnam. Forrest ends up winning medals for bravery and other things and becomes a highly thought of person who even the president wanted to meet. Forrest had one love throughout his whole life, Jenny. He is constantly chasing her but she seems to never be interested until after he proposed. Although she declined, they still slept together. Forrest and Jenny had a son, but Forrest did not know this until years later when Jenny contacted him to let him know she was sick. Forrest and Jenny finally get married and Jenny died shortly after. Rain Man- When Charlie’s father dies the will only leaves Charlie with a car and some rose bushes. Wondering where his father’s money was going to go, Charlie traced it to an institution for the mentally challenged and discovered that he had a brother. His brother, Raymond, had autism. Charlie kidnaps Raymond hoping to
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Movie_Review_Guidelines[1] - Movie Review Guidelines There...

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