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Field Reflection KNH 281 Lee The school that I observed at was Sharonville Elementary School. It is located in Sharonville (Cincinnati, Ohio) on a small back road, Maple Street. In the classroom I observed there was a morning class and an afternoon class, each with about twenty children in them. The cultural background of the groups of children really surprised me. It was one of the most diverse classrooms I have ever seen, and I was very excited because I went to school in a predominantly Caucasian middle class school district. Between both classes there were children from Africa, Russia, India, China, and about half were Hispanic. The morning class is mostly older children around the ages of four and five, getting ready for kindergarten. The afternoon class had younger children who were around three and four and most likely going to preschool for a second time in the following year. The morning classroom also has a higher number of females compared to males (about 1:2 ratio). On the other hand, the afternoon class has just about the same number of females as it has males. In the class that I am observing there is one main teacher and a Para-professional/ aide. Throughout the day there are specialists that come to help out or take children to another classroom to work on things such as speech. I noticed that both the main teacher and her aide are very involved and active with the children throughout the day. They are
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Field Reflection KNH 281 - 1 Field Reflection KNH 281 Lee...

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