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Corridor Sociogram Project - 1 Corridor Sociogram Project...

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September 12, 2010 EDL 301 Part II A lot of my residents are in a sorority. I am still trying to figure out who is not in a sorority because all of them get along so well. I never see anyone by themselves or seeming to be left out by others. It is still early in the year, so it is difficult to have such an open relationship with my residents at this point where they would feel comfortable talking to me about larger issues. The main thing that I am noticing right now is people stressed about academic work. A lot of the girls in my corridor are zoology majors, which is a lot of hard work. None of the girls are really a disturbance or a problem in my corridor either. Everyone respects one another and understands that we live in a building with many other people, so it is vital to remember they are not the only ones here. I would say that I am comfortable around all of my residents in my corridor. At first I was a little nervous because they are all in the same sorority and know each other, but all of them were very kind and open to me being around. I think that because I have been able to show respect towards them, I have gotten respect in return from the residents. I am very happy that so far there are not any large problems. Everyone gets along well and the year is off to a great start. I am excited to be able to continue making relationships stronger with residents and seeing what they rest of the year brings. Part III
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Corridor Sociogram Project - 1 Corridor Sociogram Project...

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