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EDL Ref #6 - is always a backup and support at your hands...

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October 6, 2010 Reflection #6 Throughout EDL 301, we have talked about a lot of things that can relate to being a RA. There are a lot of different things that we may have to deal with that can be uncomfortable situations or something that we do not know how to handle. I think that this class was helpful because if anything happened, it was a place where we could go and talk about it without being judged or worrying about word getting around. I think that this class has been helpful. I liked hearing everyone’s different viewpoints on controversial subjects. I think that something I learned in EDL 301 that was helpful is how to specifically write an incident report. I think just going through and showing us step by step was very helpful and took a lot of stress off of a lot of people. I think something else important is that I know there are other RAs that are going through similar situations as me and there
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Unformatted text preview: is always a backup and support at your hands when you need it. I think that for my future there is a lot that I can take and use from this course. There were a lot of talks about diversity and what it means to define it. But, every time this came up we seemed to never be able to come up with just one definition. I think that a lot of times people just get stuck on the race component to diversity and forget about all of the other sections of it. If someone looks exactly like me that does not mean that we are similar. I think that is it also important to take away and remember that even if someone looks like they are fine and acts like they are fitting in, we have to keep in mind they may be having a hard time with other aspects of life. You never know what you will come across being an RA....
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