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September 6, 2010 Reflection #2 When I think of college in the media such as movies or television, I automatically think of the movie, Van Wilder and the TV show, Greek. In the movie, Van Wilder, the main character always parties and doesn’t go to class and has been in college for a long time. In the TV show, Greek, I have heard that it is actually based off of the Miami Greek system. In both portrayals, they glorify college as a place to party and drink and experiment with other things. In Van Wilder, they do not really show the academic side of things. In Greek, they only really touch on the academic side. I think that this is an interesting way to show college, as the glorified party years. Not everyone’s college experience is like that, at least if they want to stay and graduate. I feel like Miami is a mix between being a high prestigious school and a party school.
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Unformatted text preview: The students that come to Miami pay good money for a great education. I think that this motivates students at Miami to go to class and do a good job. Also, outside pressures of society could be the motivator. At the same time, when the weekend rolls around, everyone is out and about. Every street corner is having a party, the bars are packed, and alcohol sales spike. I feel like from personal experience this is a pretty typical college campus. No matter where you go to school, there are going to be people who party all the time, people who study all the time, and then the people who are all in between. I think that for the most part college is portrayed correctly, but with a little Hollywood style exaggeration....
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