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September 13, 2010 Reflection #3 I feel like I am pretty good at managing my time during the week. I have a lot of free time to get all of my work done and a light course load for this semester. I know that different things will come up throughout the semester, so I cannot plan on always having this much down time. I need to start making a more structured schedule so that I know when the best times to get things done are. I feel like if I plan more accordingly, I can become more productive and have more free time. There is a lot of time in between classes that I can use in order to get some reading done or do little tasks. I think that if I use the time on Thursdays and Fridays that I normally would be in class, I could get a lot of things done and be ahead in my schoolwork. This week was a very calm week compared to normal.
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Unformatted text preview: I did not have a one on one meeting with my advisor, which normally happens on Tuesdays. Also, our weekly staff meeting was cancelled on Wednesday. I am currently working on a program for my corridor. I decided to get the girls together to make corridor shirts and tie-dye them. A few of my residents expressed interest in this, so I thought it would be a good first program. This will be one change in my upcoming schedule because I will have to get everything together for this program. I think that being flexible is important in a schedule because you never know what can pop up. With being a RA, you have to make sure you make time in your days to plan programs, put up new bulletin boards, and other miscellaneous things that come along with the job. Sometimes with our busy schedules it is difficult to do this....
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