World War One - World War OneWas expected to last 6 weeks...

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World War One- Was expected to last 6 weeks Industrial war- airplane, tank, poison gas first used Russian Revolution A-H gave list of demand (12 of them) to Serbia- no way they could comply with it England was drawn in when Germany came thru Belgium Advance went as planned until Russia mobilized faster than expected so Germany had to divert troops to Eastern front Germany defeated them- problem with Russia is that they have 2 generals that don’t speak or like each other Russia will no longer be a threat but it gave France and England a chance to mobilize Germany and France tries to out flank each other. This goes on until November and they must build trenches. High casualty rates- very little land is won or lost. Long periods of inactively French likes bayonet charges but Germany likes machine guns. In first 6 weeks over 100,000 French killed but no change in tactics French has bright blue and red uniforms- can see them a mile away 1916- Battle of Verdun- Germany knows they can’t defeat the French- they shift tactic to inflict as many causalities as possible so France will have to surrender. Battle last 10 months 700,000 troops die British wanted to open up a second front- Somme for 8 days they advance and Germany mows them down. Have of their troops were killed the first day. At end of battle British advanced 6 miles.
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1 st take used here Russia- Encouraged soldiers to take everything from dead Germans Czar takes control of forces- he has no military training so it goes badly Battle of caporetto- Italy sucks majorly- Italy no longer a factor Events on home front Impacts home front more than any other conflict ever- all manufacturing geared towards war Anybody that could work, worked- blurred social class system Women fight on front lines and in factories Gov’ts rely on propaganda- censorships Rationing goes into effect Nicholas 2- married a German princess - had to convert to ROC Meet Rasputin (bad idea!!!!) cured young boy Has a dream so Nicholas 2 leads army to battle to czarina Rasputin- poisoned him with cyanide to kill an elephant, shoot him 4 times wrap him in a blanket and throw him in river in December he finally dies. Women start looting after tough winter, gov’t calls army but the sympathize with strikers
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World War One - World War OneWas expected to last 6 weeks...

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