oct 10 - People of the House/senate popular vote Term of...

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10/20/10 Announcements ~Skip 235 to end of chpt- no war of 1812 ~Read Missouri compromise ~NO AMERICAN ARTS and letters ~Look at change in politics Cartoon-cycle of power moving from state to federal Early America Articles only had one branch of govt, now we have 3 Most power lied with the states back then Source of national power today is the people “to form a more perfect union”= sales pitch for supporters of articles of confederation Under articles it is given to states People suspect of a distant government What national offices are elected? President-Electoral college Votes is number of house reps and senate
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Unformatted text preview: People of the House/senate- popular vote Term of office-Didn’t trust common people 6yr Terms- once they are elected they can do whatever the hell they wanted and we cannot remove them They wanted people to look after the good of the whole What powers did the govt have? Article 9/ amendment 10 States jealous of their own power States cannot act against national govt 10/25/10 Alien and sedition acts Signed 1798 by adams Alien Enemies act-Allows deportation of citizens of countries hostile to the United States Sedition Act-Criticism of the govt a crime Democratization- inc. participation in national elections...
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oct 10 - People of the House/senate popular vote Term of...

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