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Study Questions for “Sugar Cane Alley” 1. What is the structure of the worker community? 2. Why doesn’t Ma Tine want José to cut cane with the other kids? 3. What kinds of folk wisdom does Médouze impart to José? 4. What is the answer to the riddle: “A black boy in white clothes in a green castle.” 5. Give an example of color distinctions among the Martinicans. 6. What is the answer that José gives that impresses his teacher?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What do the grade school students do when they finish? How about the very best? 8. When Médouze tells his father’s story, what is his conclusion about the change after slavery is abolished? 9. Why does the movie theater cashier say “I hate my race.” 10. What are some of the major ideas about “post-colonialism?”...
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