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1 Biology 113 Winter, 2007 OSU-Mansfield Campus Stephen T. Abedon [email protected] Can you read this? If you can’t read this then you really ought to move to a new seat! How about now? If you can’t read this then you really ought to move to a new seat! About These Lectures… Microscope of Antony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) Note that images will dissolve in if you are responsible for them and/or I’ll circle or “square” in blue the parts of these images you are particularly responsible for) Note that blue text you are very responsible for, “black” less so, and “ red ” only in the form of bonus questions Gray text you are responsible for but we may not go over in class Bio 113 Basics ± How to do well: Conscientiously read your text before lectures Learn from your text, use PowerPoint presentations (i.e., lectures) to help limit what you need to learn; There’s a lot we won’t cover Don’t make lectures the first time that you see new material—see it first in your text If at test time you are thinking “nobody could possibly learn that many terms”, then you probably also don’t understand the material Tests will measure both your understanding and your success in memorizing the material ± Lecture PPTs (and schedule) may be found at… www.phage.org/lectures More on Doing Well ± Here I provide a general overview on what it takes to do well in this course ± Note that these concepts are applicable to more than just Bio 113 ± They also have a “Duh” quality to them, but they do need to be stated explicitly lest you approach the first exam thinking otherwise ± To do well, you need to have at least one of the following qualities: ± You need to have a really great memory, or ± You need to put in a great deal of time, or ± You need to have taken the time to learn from your previous biology classes (especially as presented by the text versus as required by the instructor), or ± You need to enjoy the material, i.e., to the point where you are willing to study enthusiastically ± Prepared or otherwise, it also wouldn’t be such a bad thing for you to not freak out come exam time
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2 Important Point: Another Important Point: If you still have trouble then you need to make an appointment to see me When e-mailing, please use a meaningful subject heading!!!! Bio 113/114 ± Bio 113 considers Genetics (probability theory/problem sets) (unit 3) Developmental Biology (only a bit during one lab but see chapters 21, 38, & 46 if you have a strong interest in this material) ± Bio114 considers Biology at or above the level of the Individual Evolutionary Biology (unit 4) The Diversity of Life (unit 5) Ecology (unit 8) ± We won’t be covering details of plant or animal form Bio 114 Bio 113 Surviving Bio 113 ± You can study anything you like, but let the PowerPoints guide you toward what you need to
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2005_campbl00 - Can you read this? Biology 113 Winter, 2007...

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