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1 Chapter 2: The Chemical Context of Life Elements in Body Trace elements are found in smaller amounts but nevertheless are essential to a healthful existence Atomic Models Note electron cloud More Models of Atoms Note electron cloud Note electron cloud Energy Levels in Atoms ± Electron clouds can become large ± To increase in size, energy must be absorbed ± “The different states of potential energy that electrons have in an atom are called energy levels .” Energy = capacity to do work An important part of understanding life is understanding how energy is stored and moved from molecule to molecule Waterfall Analogy Potential Energy Kinetic Energy Waste Heat (once reaches Bottom) W h e r I a l y w i s g t n o Stayring of a turbine generator, Priest Rapids Dam, 1958 Gravity (center Earth)
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2 Electrons Store Energy The transduction of energy from one form to another, and the use of that energy to move or to create complex structures (particularly babies) is what life is all about Chemical potential energy is locked within chemical bonds! Electron Orbitals Electrons exist within specific energy levels or electron shells which are probabilistic clouds surrounding nuclei; it is the quantum changes in the shape (e.g., size) of these clouds that correspond to changes in the energy associated with an electron Energy Stored in Chemical Bonds An electron with greater energy is found at a greater distance from the nuclei the electron is associated with
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2005_campbl02 - Energy = capacity to do work Electron...

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