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1 Chapter 6: A Tour of the Cell Important Point: Most Cells are Small Note relative size of bacteria (~1/10 size of animal/plant cells) Frog eggs 100-times & chicken egg 1000- times larger than most plant and animal cells Note relative size of nucleated cells Note relative size of viruses (~1/1000 size of animal/plant cells) More Size Comparisons “…any one cel embodying as it does the record of a bil ion years of evolution, represents more an historical than a physical event…. You cannot expect to explain so wise an old bird in a few simple words.” Max Delbrück (as quoted by Stent, in Max Delbrück, 1906-1981, 1982, Genetics 101:1-16) Cells are membrane -enclosed, DNA- containing, metabolizi ng, and self- replicating Surface-to-Volume Ratio Rate of “stuff” movement across membranes can be limited by amounts of membrane: solved by smaller cells or with more membrane A Prokaryotic Cell No nucleus Typically no membrane- bound organelles
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2 Plasma Membrane Surrounds cytoplasm, a.k.a., cytoplasmic membrane More in Ch. 7 Defines the limits of individual cells An Animal Cell (typical) See (and memorize) p. 100 for descriptions A Plant Cell (typical) See (and memorize) p. 101 for descriptions You should know what all of these things are as presented in these figures in your book Compartmentalization ± Eukaryotic cells are full of membrane- enclosed compartments ± These separate incompatible chemical and physical conditions ± That way, for example, proteins can be both synthesized and hydrolyzed within
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2005_campbl06 - Important Point: Surface-to-Volume Ratio...

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