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What is the lab schedule for the remaining REEL labs? Mon/Tue (May 15-16) There are two tasks for this lab, (a) participate in a discussion with your color subgroup (your TA should have assigned you to make either a yellow, orange or red pigment) and decide the target composition for your pigment, and (b) complete any unfinished work from labs 1-6 of the REEL pigment project. You will need to come to this lab with some ideas as to what compound(s) would make a good target composition . Wed/Thur (May 17-18) The main task of this lab is to prepare your target pigment and prepare X-ray and UV-Visible sample holders for data collection. Your research proposal is due at the beginning of lab . Most of you will be preparing your pigment by a precipitation reaction and if things go according to plan you should be able to carry out the precipitation, filter off the solution, dry your precipitate (drying ovens will be provided), and prepare a sample holder for UV-Visible and X-ray diffraction measurements.
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