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1 Crystal Structures & X Crystal Structures & X- ray Diffraction Diffraction Chemistry 123 Spring 2008 Dr. Woodward Crystals Crystals Crystalline Solids Crystalline Solids Crystal Lattice – A 3D array of points where each point has an identical environment. Unit Cell – The repeating unit (a unit cell is to a crystal, like a “brick” is in a house). In a given crystal all unit cells are identical. CaF CaF 2 Unit Cell
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2 3D Crystal Systems (7) Cubic Tetragonal Hexagonal Hexagonal Rhombohedral Rhombohedral Orthorhombic Orthorhombic Monoclinic Monoclinic Triclinic 14 14 Bravais Lattices Lattices Cubic The crystal systems each have distinctive symmetry and unit cell dimensions X- ray Diffraction ray Diffraction Diffraction Demo Diffraction Demo Take home message The diffraction pattern is related but not equal to the grid pattern Diffraction is most effective for monochromatic light whose wavelength is similar to the spacing of “slits” For crystals X-rays have a
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