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R ESEARCH P ROPOSAL REEL R ESEARCH E XPERIENCES TO E NHANCE L EARNING P URPOSE The research proposal outlines the research you are going to carry out in lab over the next three periods. Together with the report sheet from the previous lab this makes up your report for REEL-II. The research proposal will be worth 70 points and the report sheet 30 points. A SSIGNMENT What should be contained in the research proposal? Your research proposal should be a typewritten document, 1-2 pages in length, and it should contain the following information. Your name Names of: other members of your group, your peer mentor & TA The end members of your group’s compositional series Known information about each end member including: color, crystal system, * Empirical Formulas for both of the compounds you are trying to prepare Detailed synthesis procedure for each compound you are trying to prepare
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Unformatted text preview: including a balanced chemical reaction and amounts of each reactant to use: For precipitation reactions the amount of each reactant should be the volume in mL of each 1 M solution needed to prepare 2.00 g of sample For solid state reactions the amount of each reactant will be the mass in grams of each solid phase reactant needed to prepare 1.00 g of sample. You will also need to use Tammans rule (see discussion) to estimate the synthesis temperature *To find this information try searching the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database from the research database section of the librarys website (http://rruff.geo.arizona.edu/AMS/amcsd.php). Use the Chemistry search option to restrict the search to your compound. Be sure to reference the sources of your information as you did in the Pigment Research Report....
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