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Unformatted text preview: ar, etc. Growth on Selective/Differential media: MacConkey agar, EMB agar, etc. Biochemical tests: “Most biochemical tests rely on a pH indicator or chemical reaction that results in a color change [or gas production] when a [specific] compound is degraded.” Keep in mind that to do well in lab it is important to gain some reasonable understanding of how the various biochemical tests work. Note that “because each test often requires an incubation period… it [is] too time-consuming to proceed one [phenotypic characterization] step at a time.” 2 Durham Tube: Gas Production Gas Generation: Catalase Test Commercial Biochemical Test Kits Color Change: Urease Test Dichotomous Key Don’t worry about the specific details of this key but do keep in mind how it is organized. Typing of Strains Biovar, Biotype (syn) Serovar, Serotype (syn) Typing via RFLP analysis Ribotype (RFLP of rRNA) Also Phage Type 3 1 234 5 Can you tell me which lanes contain bacteria that are clonally related? What is an RFLP? (fig. 9.9) Different strains have recognition sites in different places due to genotypic differences. Note resulting differences in restriction fragment length. Ribotyping Southern Blotting...
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