Lecture 15 - WWII

Lecture 15 - WWII - World War II World War II Outline...

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Unformatted text preview: World War II World War II Outline Outline Origins Early War – – – – – – WWI fallout Europe Asia Alliances Europe Pacific America’s Entrance – – – Isolationism Roosevelt Acts Pearl Harbor War – – – Europe Pacific Africa Homefront Race Gender Victory – Yalta Conference – Defeat of Germany – Defeat of Japan Consequences WWI fallout Origins Origins – Debt – Desire to Avoid War – Versailles Treaty Europe – Fascist dictators – German aggression – European inaction Asia – Rise of Japanese Early War Early War Alliances – Allies – United Kingdom, France, USSR (1941), USA (1942) – Axis – Germany, Italy, Japan Europe – Beginning – Expansion Pacific America’s Entrance America’s Entrance Isolationism Roosevelt acts – End of neutrality – Military expansion – Aid – Atlantic Charter Pearl Harbor USS Shaw Explodes at Pearl Harbor (Nat’l Archives) War War In Europe – – – – – – General Naval D­Day Japanese advance Coral Sea and Midway US advance In Pacific In Africa American troops in tank passing the Arc de Triomphe after the liberation of Paris (Nat’l Archives) Homefront Homefront Mobilization Economics Civilian Action Propaganda Race Internment Camps African­Americans in WWII Dorothea Lange, “Japanese­American Internment Center” (Nat’l Archives) African­American Marines at Iwo­Jima (Nat’l Archives) Gender Gender Military service Job opportunities Ann Rosener, “Women in Industry,” for the Farm Security Administration (LOC) Odette Lacoste WAC Victory Victory Yalta Defeat of Germany – General – Dealing with the Holocaust Defeat of Japan – General – Atomic bombs Consequences Consequences Cost Economic strength Post war culture Cold War Discussion WWII Newsreels ...
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