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Lecture 22 - Students and Activism

Lecture 22 - Students and Activism - Students and Activism...

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Unformatted text preview: Students and Activism Outline Why Youth? – Which Youth – Why Protest New Left – Old Left – Goals of New Left – SDS University Protests Anti­War Protests – Students – Women Strike for Peace – Why Protest Counterculture Environmentalism Impact Youth Which Youth? Why Protest? – Large Numbers – Post­WWII Conformity – Affluence – Political Disillusionment – Other Movements Beat Generation Civil Rights Movement New Left Old Left Grievances – Alienation and Isolation – Impersonal Bureaucracies – Consumer Culture Goal – Participatory Democracy Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) University Protests Complaints – Bureaucracy – Conservative nature – Lack of student control University of CA – Berkeley (1964) Free Speech Movement Anti­War Protest Students – Escalation of war – End of draft deferments – Fragmentation of New Left Women Strike for Peace Concerns – American ideals – Costs – Government mishandling Anti­war poster, “He Who Meddles In A Quarrel Not His Own,” Vic Dinnerstein, 1965 Counterculture Defining Characteristic – Rebellion against authority Culture – Fashion – Music – Living arrangements – Drug usage Environmentalism Major impetus – Rachel Carson, Silent Spring – Oil Spill – Consumerism Protest action Legislative Goals – Environmental Protection Agency (1970) Looking Ahead Personal History Paper due next Monday (7pm, via SafeAssign) Final Exam May 3 – BRING IN BLUE BOOKS!!!! ...
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