Lecture 20 - Feminism and Activism

Lecture 20 - Feminism and Activism - Feminism and Activism...

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Unformatted text preview: Feminism and Activism Feminism and Activism Discussion – Math 254 Essays Discussion – Math 254 Essays What are the most common justifications given for being pro­integration? Anti­ integration? What surprised you about these? Or, what stood out to you? Outline Outline Origins – – – – CRM 50s culture Changing roles Growing Activism Feminism Women’s Movement – Goals and Actions – Results Opposition Origins Origins CRM 50s culture – Basic – Legal Restrictions – Backlash Changing Roles Growing Activism – Friedan – Governmental Action Feminism Feminism Waves Origins Expansion Betty Friedan leading a group of demonstrators outside a Congressional office in 1971 to show support for the E.R.A. Women’s Movement Women’s Movement Goals Actions – Organizations – “Strike for Equality” – Protest – Publications Results 1968 Miss America Pageant Protest Opposition Opposition ERA Dissenting women Backlash Demonstrators opposed to the ERA in front of the White House. Photograph by Warren K. Leffler, February 4, 1977. U.S. News & World Report Collection Discussion Discussion Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique Test Review Test Review ...
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