Lecture 21 - Vietnam

Lecture 21 - Vietnam - Vietnam Vietnam Outline Outline...

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Unformatted text preview: Vietnam Vietnam Outline Outline Background Escalation Early US Commitment Gulf of Tonkin LBJ Tet Offensive Defeat Background Background Decolonization August Revolution Early Conflict Communism US Entrance – Containment – Early Aid Efforts Escalation Escalation Dien Bien Phu Geneva Accord North Vietnam South Vietnam – Ngo Dinh Diem – Viet Cong Early US Commitment Early US Commitment JFK – Ideology – Increasing commitment Crisis – Protest in Vietnam – Overthrow of Diem Gulf of Tonkin Gulf of Tonkin Basics Gulf of Tonkin Resolution LBJ LBJ Early Action Escalation – Operation Rolling Thunder – War of Attrition – Destruction of South Vietnam Tet Offensive Tet Offensive Basics Political Consequences Cultural Consequences Defeat Defeat Nixon – Plan – Action – Political Response End of War Costs – America – South Vietnam Larger Impact on America ...
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