Lecture 12 - Fights for Equality

Lecture 12 - Fights for Equality - Fights for Equality...

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Unformatted text preview: Fights for Equality Fights for Equality Outline Outline Women – Cultural – Political Workers – Declining Unions – South – textile strikes African­Americans – – – Long Civil Rights Movement Different Approaches Strategies Education Organizations Great Migration Harlem Renaissance Sexuality Immigrants Women Women Cultural Response Political Fights – Suffrage Movement Workers Workers 1910s advances 1920s union declines South – Textile strikes Gastonia, NC – WV Mine Wars African­Americans African­Americans Long Civil Rights Movement Different Approaches – Booker T. Washington – W.E.B. DuBois Strategies – Education – Organizations NAACP Womens’ Organizations UNIA – Marcus Garvey – Great Migration – Harlem Renaissance William H. Johnson, Chain Gang Other Groups Other Groups Sexuality Immigration Discussion Discussion Harlem Renaissance poetry – How was this new and different? – What values do these poems express? – What do they teach us about their authors, their subjects, and their culture? Looking Ahead Looking Ahead Wednesday – Great Depression – Readings – Constituent letters to FDR – We’ll also discuss the family history paper assignment Spring Break!! Monday, March 15 – New Deal – Readings – “A New Deal for Carbon Hill, AL” – cool project, definitely be sure to read through it ...
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