Lecture 7 - Political Responses

Lecture 7 - Political Responses - Political Responses...

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Unformatted text preview: Political Responses: Political Responses: Progressivism, Socialism, Populism Outline Outline Progressivism – – – – – Motivations Values Reforms Methods In the South Socialism Populism – Farmers Movements – Political Parties Progressivism Progressivism Motivations – What caused Progressives to seek reform? Values – What values shaped Progressive reform? Reforms – What did Progressives seek to change? Methods – How did Progressives go about creating change? Progressivism in the South Socialism Socialism Origins in the US IWW Ad for The Industrial Worker, official publication of the IWW, 1911 Populism Populism Farmers Movements – Granger Movement – Farmers Alliance Political Parties – Greenback Party – Populist Party Group Discussion Group Discussion Public Parks Movement – Come up with 4­5 ways that the Public Parks Movement represents themes, issues, trends, ideas, movements, etc that we’ve discussed in this course. Write them down, including a brief analysis, to turn in at the end of the discussion. What kind of nation was America at the turn of the century? ...
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