Lecture 6 - Business and Labor

Lecture 6 - Business and Labor - Big Business and the Big...

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Unformatted text preview: Big Business and the Big Business and the Labor Response Outline Outline Big Business – Second Industrial Revolution – Businesses – Industrialists – Innovations – World of Big Business Labor Response – Early Activity – Unions – Major Strikes Big Business Big Business Second Industrial Revolution Businesses – Railroad – Manufacturing – Oil – Steel Big Business, cont. Big Business, cont. Industrialists – Gould, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan Innovations – Vertical Integration – Trusts and monopolies – Scientific Management Big Business, cont. Big Business, cont. The World of Big Business – Government Laissez Faire – Industrialists’ world – Labor’s world Pinkerton Detectives Walker Evans, “Steel Mill and Workers’ Houses, Birmingham, AL, 1936” Labor Response Labor Response Early Activity Molly Maguires Great Railroad Strike of 1877 – Haymarket Affair – – Unions – Knights of Labor – American Federation of Labor (AFL) Major Strikes – Homestead Strike – Pullman Strike Discussion Discussion Workingman’s Ten Commandments Homestead Strike Songs Looking Ahead Looking Ahead Monday – Political Responses Readings TBA – will be posted on Blackboard tomorrow (I’ll create an announcement) Wednesday – Jim Crow and the Rise of Modern Racism Midterm One ...
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