Lecture 5 - Immigration and Urbanization

Lecture 5 - Immigration and Urbanization - Immigration and...

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Unformatted text preview: Immigration and Immigration and Urbanization Outline Outline Immigration – Waves of Immigration – Push and Pull factors – Life in America – Nativism Urbanization – Push and Pull – Technology – Urban Life Leisure Immigration Immigration Waves of Immigration Push Factors Pull Factors Life in America – Tenement Houses – Work Nativism – Reasons – Actions Urbanization Urbanization Push and Pull New Technologies Urban Life – Labor – Middle Class – Urban Services – Politics – Ethnic groups Urbanization, cont. Urbanization, cont. Leisure – Middle class leisure – Working class leisure Saloon culture – Spectator Sports Discussion Discussion Finish Calof Discussion Jacob Riis Photographs – group discussion – What do these pictures tell us about urban life at the turn of the century? – How does Riis illustrate the hardships of tenement life, via photography? – How and why might he have chosen these subjects? What point is he trying to make? – How do we, as historians (students of history), use photographs as historical sources? How to Write a History Paper How to Write a History Paper Assignment on Blackboard Guidelines to Writing a History Paper on Blackboard Hint – outline, organization, argument Next Classes Next Classes Wednesday – Calof Paper Due – Big Business and the Labor Response The Workingman’s Ten Commandments, Homestead Strike Songs (links in syllabus) Monday – Political Responses Reading TBA ...
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