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Lecture 2 - Reconstruction

Lecture 2 - Reconstruction - Reconstruction Reconstruction...

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Unformatted text preview: Reconstruction Reconstruction Announcements Announcements New office hours – 6pm­7pm, Mon and Wed – Gambrell 217, 248B, or 140 What I Want You to Learn Today What I Want You to Learn Today What is Reconstruction? How did various groups define Reconstruction differently? How did Americans remember the Civil War and Reconstruction in the years following these events? What kind of nation emerged out of Reconstruction? Short Outline Short Outline What is Reconstruction? Stages of Reconstruction – Presidential Reconstruction – Radical Reconstruction African­Americans and Reconstruction Southerners and Reconstruction End of Reconstruction Legacy of Reconstruction Discussion What is Reconstruction? What is Reconstruction? Need for Reconstruction – The South after the Civil War – Questions about the American nation Definition Conflicting Goals of Reconstruction – The Union – The South – African­Americans Stages of Reconstruction Stages of Reconstruction During the War – Lincoln vs Congress Two Main Stages – Presidential Reconstruction – Radical Reconstruction Presidential Reconstruction Presidential Reconstruction Johnson’s Agenda Actions – Proclamation of Amnesty Decline of Johnson’s power Radical Reconstruction Radical Reconstruction Congress’s Agenda Actions – Freedmen’s Bureau – Reconstruction Amendments – Military Reconstruction Acts – Impeaching Johnson African­Americans and African­Americans and Reconstruction Goals – Control of Daily Life – Control of Labor – Political Rights Southerners and Reconstruction Southerners and Reconstruction Republican Minority Anti­Reconstruction – Black Codes – Violence End of Reconstruction End of Reconstruction Loss of Northern Will Readmission of Confederate States “Redemption” of Southern Governments Compromise of 1877 Legacy of Reconstruction Legacy of Reconstruction Political and Economic Legacy – Politics and Rights – Sharecropping Memory of Reconstruction – Lost Cause Discussion Discussion Definition of historiography How do these historians deal with the major issues of Reconstruction? What do we do with these interpretations? Next Week Next Week Monday – New South – “Henry Grady Sells the New South” – http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/5745 Wednesday – The West – First half of Rachel Caloff’s Story due – start reading ahead!! – Also, introducing Hjalmar Hultberg ...
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