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Chapter 4 THE TISSUE LEVEL OF ORGANIZATION Chapter Synopsis The primary concern of this chapter is to explore the organization of cells into tissues. The origin, structure, function, and location of each of the principal types of tissues are examined. Throughout, the relationship of structure to function is emphasized. Attention is also given to extracellular materials, cell junctions, exocrine glands, and mucous, serous, and synovial membranes. Medical studies of tissues, Marfan syndrome, and adhesions are described as Clinical Applications related to tissues. Tissue repair is discussed as a homeostatic mechanism. The chapter concludes with a discussion of autoimmune diseases as homeostatic disorders of tissue. Chapter Outline and Objectives INTRODUCTION 1. Define the relation of the cellular level to the major structures of tissues that endow tissues with distinct properties. 2. Describe how the tissue level of organization is utilized by pathologists when examining organ biopsies. TYPES OF TISSUES AND THEIR ORIGINS 3. Classify the tissues of the body into four major types. 1. Describe the type of tissues derived from the three embryonic germ layers.
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2. Describe the use of biopsy to remove living material for microscopic examination. CELL JUNCTIONS 6. Describe the three functions of cell junctions. 1. Describe the five most important kinds of cell junctions. EPITHELIAL TISSSUE 8. List the general features of epithelial tissue and give examples of functions in organs in which theyare found. 9. Mention that epithelial tissue is divided into two types: covering and lining epithelium and by glandular epithelium. Covering and Lining Epithelium
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ch04 - Chapter 4 THE TISSUE LEVEL OF ORGANIZATION Chapter...

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