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Chapter 12 NERVOUS TISSUE Chapter Synopsis An overview of the nervous system describes the structures of the nervous system and their basic functions, along with the organization of the nervous system. Then the histology of neurons and neuroglia is considered along with myelination. Gray and white matter are compared and contrasted. Electrical signals in neurons are discussed based on the ions channels, the resting membrane potential, graded potentials, the action potential, continuous and saltatory conduction, speed of nerve impulse conduction, encoding of stimulus intensity, and comparison of electrical signals produced by excitable cells. The signal transmission at synapses study includes discussion of electrical and chemical synapses, excitatory and inhibitory postsynaptic potentials, removal of neurotransmitters, and spatial and temporal summation of postsynaptic potential. The different classes of neurotransmitters are covered as are circuits in the nervous system. The regeneration and repair of nervous tissue is also covered. Clinical applications discussed include tetanus, local anesthetics, strychnine poisoning, and excitotoxicity. Multiple sclerosis and epilepsy are discussed as two areas of homeostatic imbalance. Chapter Outline and Objectives INTRODUCTION 1. Compare the nervous system and endocrine system in maintaining
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homeostasis. OVERVIEW OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM Structures of the Nervous System 2. Identify the structures that make up the nervous system. Functions of the Nervous System 1. List and explain the three basic functions of the nervous system. Organization of the Nervous System
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ch12 - Chapter 12 NERVOUS TISSUE Chapter Synopsis An...

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