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Chapter 21 THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: BLOOD VESSELS AND HEMODYNAMICS Chapter Synopsis This chapter covers the anatomy of the blood vessels, then proceeds to the study of capillary exchange. Capillary exchange processes include diffusion, transcytosis, and bulk flow. The factors that regulate the velocity and volume of blood flow and the blood pressure changes through the cardiovascular system are considered. The factors that influence or change blood pressure are covered. Control of blood pressure and blood flow is examined. Shock is considered as a result of inadequate cardiac output. Methods for checking circulation are included. The principal blood vessels of the body are identified, as are the special circulations, including system, hepatic portal, pulmonary, and fetal circulations. Developmental anatomy of blood vessels and blood is followed by the effects of aging on the system. The chapter includes Focus on Homeostasis: the Cardiovascular System. There is a detailed study of hypertension as a homeostatic disorder. Medical terminology associated with the cardiovascular system is included. Clinical applications include the study of angiogenesis, varicose veins, edema, syncope, and carotid sinus massage and carotid sinus syncope. Chapter Outline and Objectives INTRODUCTION
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1. Discuss the focus of study in this chapter. STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF BLOOD VESSELS 2. Identify the different types of blood vessels in the body and their connections to each other. Arteries 3. Discuss angiogenesis and the clinical implications of drugs that can prevent this process. 4.
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