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Skeletal system bone marking chart AXIAL SKELETON Vertebrae (All except 1) - body - pedicle - transverse process - superior/inferior articular processes and facets - lamina - spinous process - neural arch - vertebral foramen - vertebral notch Cervical vertebrae Atlas: - anterior arch - anterior tubercle - posterior arch - posterior tubercle Axis: Dens/odontoid process Cervical vertebrae: - transverse foramen Thoracic vertebrae : - Demifacet for head of rib - demifacet for the tubercle Sacral vertebrae - sacral foramen - sacral cornu - auricular surface - Superior articular facet - median sacral crest - sacral promontory - Sacral Canal - Sacral hiatus - Lateral sacral crest (L/R) - Ala - Coccyx (be able to identify it) Vertebral disorders: - kyposis - lordosis - scoliosis Intervertebral discs: - annulus fibrosis - nucleus pulposus Sternum - manubrium - suprasternal (jugular) notch - clavicular notch -body - xiphoid process - Sternal angle Ribs - head - neck - tubercle - angle - costal groove TYPES:true ribs, false, floating ribs Hyoid Bone APPENDICULAR SKELETON Pectoral (shoulder) girdle Clavicle - sternal extremity - acromial extremity
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Skeletal_system_bone_marking_chart - Skeletal system bone...

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