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where h 1 is the height of the water in the tank, p 1 is the pressure there, and v 1 is the speed of the water there; h 2 is the altitude of the hole, p 2 is the pressure there, and v 2 is the speed of the water there. ρ is the density of water. The pressure at the top of the tank and at the hole is atmospheric, so p 1 = p 2 . Since the tank is large we may neglect the water speed at the top; it is much smaller than the speed at the hole. The Bernoulli equation then becomes 2 1 122 2 gh v gh ρρ =+ and () 2 21 2 2 2 9.8m s 0.30m 2.42m s. vg h h =− = = The flow rate is A 2 v 2 = (6.5 × 10 –4 m 2 )(2.42 m/s) = 1.6 × 10 –3 m 3 /s. (b) We use the equation of continuity:
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