ch14-p084 - , 1 3 B = so that B / w = 3. (c) For liquid C ,...

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for the fraction of volume submerged of a floating object. When the liquid is water, as described in this problem, this relation leads to 1 w ρ = since the object “floats fully submerged” in water (thus, the object has the same density as water). We assume the block maintains an “upright” orientation in each case (which is not necessarily realistic). (a) For liquid A , 1 2 A = so that, in view of the fact that = w , we obtain A / w = 2. (b) For liquid B , noting that two-thirds above means one-third below
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Unformatted text preview: , 1 3 B = so that B / w = 3. (c) For liquid C , noting that one-fourth above means three-fourths below , 3 4 C = so that C / w = 4/3. 84. An object of mass m = V floating in a liquid of density liquid is able to float if the downward pull of gravity mg is equal to the upward buoyant force F b = liquid gV sub where V sub is the portion of the object which is submerged. This readily leads to the relation: sub iquid l V V =...
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