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Unformatted text preview: 53. Replacing x and v in Eq. 15-3 and Eq. 15-6 with θ and dθ/dt, respectively, we identify 4.44 rad/s as the angular frequency ω. Then we evaluate the expressions at t = 0 and divide the second by the first: dθ/dt θ at t = 0 = − ω tanφ . (a) The value of θ at t = 0 is 0.0400 rad, and the value of dθ/dt then is –0.200 rad/s, so we are able to solve for the phase constant: φ = tan−1[0.200/(0.0400 x 4.44)] = 0.845 rad. (b) Once φ is determined we can plug back in to θo = θmcosφ to solve for the angular amplitude. We find θm = 0.0602 rad. ...
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