Part 1 - Whyte-POLS1000-02-Spring 2008-Part One The Book...

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Whyte —POLS1000-02—Spring 2008—Part One The Book Reefer Madness “Sex, Drugs and Cheap Labor in the American Black “ by Eric Schlosser published by Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, New York in 2003 is about the government’s view on sex, drugs, and Illegal immigrants working in the U.S. The laws that we as citizens follow today may seem overruling and possibly absurd sometimes but over years of people breaking the rules our government has come up with these laws. The use, growing, and distribution of marijuana, the use of migrant workers and the use of pornography are just some of the laws we must follow by today. The book explains the process and the aftermath of the making and following of those laws. In the thesis of the book (pg.9) the author explains how fascinating the “black market” is and shows how it’s worth being examined. He places the cultivation, distributing, and consuming of marijuana, the uses of illegal immigrants as farm workers, and the production and viewing pornography under the umbrella of a black market society and studies them in his book. The “black market” is very rarely seen or talked about in public today. When the word “black market” is mentioned some think of China or other countries but very few think of the United States. Schlosser states that the “Black Market” is the economic activities that remain off the book, unrecorded, and unreported and in violation of the law. (pg. 4) Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus defined Black Market as the selling of illegal merchandise. (Websters) The American black market can be broken down into three major periods: moonlighting, money laundering and stolen goods. First is the period of money laundering, from the years of 1970 to 1994 the gross domestic product (GDP) rose 8.2 percent from 2.6 to 9.4 percent. It is estimated that Americans laundered almost 1.5 trillion dollars and didn’t claim it (pg. 5). The second period was the moonlighting period. Prohibition went into effect from 1920 - 1933. Prohibition was a period of nearly fourteen years of U.S. history in which the manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor was made illegal (Rosenberg). Americans spent an estimated $5 billion on illegal alcohol at prohibitions peak (pg.5), this contributed five percent of the U.S GNP. Last is the period of the distribution and use of stolen goods. This included marijuana, porn and the use of illegal immigrants for various jobs. Although the black market was and still is very rarely talked about it was contributed to cities and society for many years. The book is broken into three main sections, each to describe the three periods of the black market. These include; Reefer madness the study of marijuana, In the Strawberry fields which the using of immigrant workers and last An Empire of the Obscene which deals with pornography. The first, Reefer Madness, examines the cultivation, distribution and consumption of marijuana in the market. The United States is not the only country affected by marijuana but
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Part 1 - Whyte-POLS1000-02-Spring 2008-Part One The Book...

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