ch16-p034 - 34. (a) We use Eq. 16-26 and Eq. 16-33 with =...

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34. (a) We use Eq. 16-26 and Eq. 16-33 with μ = 0.00200 kg/m and y m = 0.00300 m. These give v = τ / μ = 775 m/s and P avg = 1 2 μ v ω 2 y m 2 = 10 W. (b) In this situation, the waves are two separate string (no superposition occurs). The answer is clearly twice that of part (a); P = 20 W. (c) Now they are on the same string. If they are interfering constructively (as in Fig. 16- 16(a)) then the amplitude y m is doubled which means its square y
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