ch16-p039 - of length 3.29 mm. (b) The angle (relative to...

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39. (a) Using the phasor technique, we think of these as two “vectors” (the first of “length” 4.6 mm and the second of “length” 5.60 mm) separated by an angle of φ = 0.8 π radians (or 144º). Standard techniques for adding vectors then lead to a resultant vector
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Unformatted text preview: of length 3.29 mm. (b) The angle (relative to the first vector) is equal to 88.8 (or 1.55 rad). (c) Clearly, it should in in phase with the result we just calculated, so its phase angle relative to the first phasor should be also 88.8 (or 1.55 rad)....
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