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1. Let T L be the temperature and p L be the pressure in the left-hand thermometer. Similarly, let T R be the temperature and p R be the pressure in the right-hand thermometer. According to the problem statement, the pressure is the same in the two thermometers when they are both at the triple point of water. We take this pressure to be p 3 . Writing Eq. 18-5 for each thermometer, 33 (273.16K) and (273.16K) , LR LR pp TT p p §· §· == ¨¸ ¨¸ ©¹ ©¹ we subtract the second equation from the first to obtain 3 (273.16K) . LR LR p p TT p §· −= ¨¸ ©¹ First, we take T L = 373.125 K (the boiling point of water) and T R = 273.16 K (the triple point of water). Then, p L p R = 120 torr. We solve 3 120torr 373.125K 273.16K (273.16K) p §· −= ¨¸
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