ch18-p042 - 42. If the ring diameter at 0.000C is Dr0 then...

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000 00 6 66 2.54000cm 2.54508cm (2.54508cm)(23 10 /C )(100.0 C) (2.54508cm)(23 10 / C ) (2.54000cm) (17 10 /C°) 50.38 C. rss a i f sa rc DDDT T DD α αα −− −+ = × ° ° = ×° × The expansion coefficients are from Table 18-2 of the text. Since the initial temperature of the ring is 0°C, the heat it absorbs is , crf Qc m T = where c c is the specific heat of copper and m r is the mass of the ring. The heat rejected up by the sphere is () as i f mTT =− where c a is the specific heat of aluminum and m s is the mass of the sphere. Since these two heats are equal, , f cmT cm T T we use specific heat capacities from the textbook to obtain 3 (386J/kg K)(0.0200kg)(50.38 C) 8.71 10 kg. ( ) (900J/kg K)(100 C 50.38 C) s ai f m cT T ⋅° == = × −⋅
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