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During process B C , the system is neither expanding nor contracting. Thus, (c) W = 0. (d) The sign of Δ E int must be the same (by the first law of thermodynamics) as that of Q which is given as positive. Thus, Δ E int > 0. During process C A , the system is contracting. The environment is doing work on the system, which implies W < 0. Also, Δ E int < 0 because ¦ Δ E int = 0 (for the whole cycle) and the other values of Δ E int (for the other processes) were positive. Therefore, Q = W + Δ E int must also be negative. (e) Q < 0. (f) W < 0. (g) Δ E int < 0. (h) The area of a triangle is 1 2 (base)(height). Applying this to the figure, we find
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