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() 33 10Pa 40Pa Work 1.0m 1.0m 0 2 + =− = (a) and (b) Thus, the total work during the BC cycle is (75 – 30) J = 45 J. During the BA cycle, the “tilted” part is the same as before, and the main difference is that the horizontal portion is at higher pressure, with Work = (40 Pa)(–3.0 m 3 ) = –120 J. Therefore, the total work during the BA cycle is (75 – 120) J = – 45 J. 93. The net work may be computed as a sum of works (for the individual processes involved) or as the “area” (with appropriate ± sign) inside the figure (representing the cycle). In this solution, we take the former approach (sum over the processes) and will need the following fact related to processes represented in pV
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