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15. (a) At point a , we know enough information to compute n : () ( ) 3 2500Pa 1.0m 1.5mol. 8.31 J/mol K 200K pV n RT == = (b) We can use the answer to part (a) with the new values of pressure and volume, and solve the ideal gas law for the new temperature, or we could set up the gas law as in Sample Problem 19-1 in terms of ratios (note: n a = n b and cancels out): 3 3 7.5kPa 3.0m 2.5kPa 1.0m bb b b aa a pV T T T §· = ¡ = ¨¸ ©¹ which yields an absolute temperature at b of T b = 1.8×10 3 K. (c) As in the previous part, we choose to approach this using the gas law in ratio form (see Sample Problem 19-1): 3 3 2.5kPa 2.5kPa cc c c a T T T = ¡ = which yields an absolute temperature at
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